Street Fighter V for PS4

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This is an upcoming video game which is all about fighting. It is produced by Capcom and co-developed

with Dimps. This is actually the 5th main numbered entry within the Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise.

For PS4, the game will be released in February 2016; it will also be released for Microsoft Windows. It

will feature a kind of cross platform that will be work between both platforms.

The Game Play

This is a game that is able to carry on the fighting gameplay as set by the predecessors. The fighters have

the chance to use different attacks as well as some special abilities so as to deal with the opponents.

This game also features EX gauge which was introduced in the III street fighter. Here, it builds as the

player lands the attack and it can also be used to power up some special moves or to perform some of

the super combos called the critical arts. However, focus attacks present in the previous games have

since been removed.

The new thing added to the game is the V gauge that builds as the attacks are received and then adds 3

more techniques which are V triggers, V rehearsals, and V skills. The V skills are some special attacks that

are very unique to each fighter. For example, M bison can reflect the projectiles while Ryu can parry

attacks. When performed successfully, they build the V gauge.

The V rehearsals give the player a chance to use a part of the V gauge so as to counter person move

when being attacked. The V trigger utilizes the whole V gauge so as to allow players to perform unique

abilities like temporary damage boost or some added hits.

There is also the Stun meter which was also available in street fighter III and it is visible under health

bars during the game. This meter increases when the attacks are being received and they can cause the

player to be stunned if it is filled. This encourages a player to play on the offensive side when the

opponent’s meter is almost full. This game has different interactive arenas that showcase some special

animations once a player has been defeated in different parts of the arena.



This game will feature a total of 16 characters when launched. Four of these characters are pretty new

to the series. Additional characters will be developed after the launch and they will be added to this

game through regular updates. This will start with 6 characters that will be released all through the year

The characters and other post launch contents will have to be purchased via real world currency, fight

money earned as the game progresses, or Zenny.


The Development of Street Fighter V

The game was revealed unofficially through a video on YouTube on 5th Dec 2014. This video was taken

down quite promptly. Officially, it was revealed the very next day during the PlayStation Experience held

in Las Vegas. During the revelation, the game was announced as being developed for PS4 and Microsoft

Windows exclusively. This game has been greatly anticipated by all PS4 lovers.

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Release Date: February 16, 2016

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