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Tharsis is an amazing sci-fi strategy game and it will hit PS4 in the January of 2016.  Tharsis is a strategy

game which is all about the very first mission of the humankind to mars. It is a very important mission

and this is not just due to the potential of increasing one’s knowledge of the planet. The mission is the

attempt by humanity to actually locate the very source of a signal that is mysterious which is emanating

from this planet.

Tharsis has been under development for some two years now and when the creation was started, the

game was just a physical prototype that was made with paper and dice. Stage development took some

time, so as to make sure that the strategy game was truly one of a kind. The core mechanics of this

game are still intact and they include the events, the dynamic disaster as well as the dice rolling.


The development

The development of the game was a true blast even though the developers had to make do with lots of

difficulties. The balancing face during production is usually a very long one. This is because there is the

trial and error element that has to be there. However, with such difficulties, such great games like

Tharsis are made possible.

When proper balancing isn’t done, a lot of bad elements can be included in the gameplay and it may not

be as thrilling as it should be. Tharsis is made of very complex systems. However, there will be a booklet

that can be downloaded so as to get all the instructions that you may need to be a professional player in

this game.


About the game

The earth’s very first mission was aimed to be 300 days. However, mike was able to make it to only 170

while Erin was lost at the 105th day. Life in space is just life. You still have to deal with moods, jalousies as

well as the infuriating failures that face the best of us. However, in the game, you are some million miles

from any kind of civilization and this means that the frailties can also be very deadly even in mars.

Tharsis is turned based, realistic, perma death space strategy game. It comes with dice as well as

cannibalism. It gives you the chance to control the very first manned mission into mars. This is just as a

hulking asteroid strikes it. A part of you still know that it is possible to land.

When you keep on thinking about the signals from Tharsis, the less you actually believe that you might

be the first to get there. This game gives you an opportunity to defy all the odds and make some of the

most difficult decisions that need to be made. You also have the chance to embark on a rescue mission

that is of great importance to the humankind.


This game is developed by Gaijin games.

Release Date: January 12, 2016

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