Gang Beasts for PS4

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Gang Beasts is a video game developed by Boneloaf. For PS4, this game is set to be released in

the year 2016.  This game is within the part genre and it is available in the multiplayer mode.

Gang Beasts is a multi player game. It is a local co-op party game published by Double Fine

Productions. This is a game that was released for Windows and Linux on the August of 2014 but

will be available for PlayStation 4 console in the coming year.


The Gameplay

This is a multiplayer kind of party game which has gelatinous characters as well as melee fight

sequences. There are hazardous environments too. This game is set in the Beef City in the

metropolis which is totally fictional. The initial release had some 8 multiplayer stages. The game

intention is to punch and kick opponents until you knock them out. You then get the chance to

use map hazards so as to finish them.


The Reception

When this game was released, it received an overwhelming number of positive reviews. This

game also got a lot of attention from different review sites and this includes euro gamer. This

game has great character features and the main activities involve stomping, kicking and

climbing. These have been stabilized, balanced and totally implemented.


The Blobby Battles

Explaining game beasts can be a little tricky. It is the kind of game that seems to have boneless

people with some different kinds of costumes and they work their hardest to take each other out.

This is in a setting that seems to be an everyday arena.

There are all sorts of arenas that the fights can take place in. You can fight on top of speeding

trucks or a spinning Ferris wheel. There are also fights carried out in a dangerous factory that has

lots of crunching and whirring machines. These aren’t the typical arenas that you may have

thought of but they are able to offer loads of fun.


Out of the arenas

The only way that one can win the game is to be the last blob standing in the arena. The player

needs to rely on different punches so as to stun different opponents. You also have to grab and

then throw them so as to hold the opponents and toss them into the traps or out of the arenas so

as to eliminate them. The game isn’t that easy. The gameplay is a little on the slow side and it is

a bit difficult to get around.

You can be thrown or beaten by your opponents during the game. Also, if you are not careful,

you may end up committing suicide even when you are doing an amazing job dealing with the

opponents. The game is a lot of fun.

Gang Beasts is an enjoyable game with all factors considered. The combat is truly entertaining

and the matches aren’t that hard. They are easy to get through. The best part of this game is that it is very funny.


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gang beasts ps4 fight
Time to decide who is the most adorable once and for all.


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