Super Dungeon Bros for PS4

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Super Dungeon Bros is a game brought to PS4 in partnership with React, an award winning developer.

This is a game that has a rock theme. It also has co-op dungeon brawler teams that can handle four

players at a time.

In the game, you have the chance to take control of your group where there are hard rocking warrior

bros in the dungeons that keep on changing. You come face to face with different foes as well as

obstacles that are deadly. There are lots of hazardous puzzles to deal with too.


Fantasy and rock

The game combines fantasy and rock in such a special way. The super dungeon bros have taken

advantage of the multi-player function across different platforms which allows the bros to descend into

the dungeons of Rökthheim with the players using PC

Super Dungeon allow the players to have a single player campaign, which means that the bros can enjoy

it alone even though playing the game with others may prove to be more fun. Specific daily as well as

weekly challenges will be created as well as leaderboards that will be dedicated. There is no such thing

as a big challenge for the bros.


How to excel in the game

Super Dungeon Bros gives you an opportunity to slay all things that lie in your path. You get the

chance to outsmart the different devious booby traps and also to raid the tombs along the way so as to

plunder and to loot. You get the opportunity to raise the warriors so as to have glory in the game. You

also get the chance to rock the undead tombs and roll demon heads. You can hearken to the “bros B4

Foes!” mantra.

The  game falls under the genre of action game and is all set to be released in 2016.


Some of the outstanding aspects of the game

Super Dungeon Bros has got its own thrill and things that make it rock over others.

In the game, you have the chance to choose over 20 kinds of weapons that you can craft and also make

a collection over the three very unique worlds.

There are also the weekly and daily challenges to look forward to. These come with a global and regional

leaderboard for multi players as well as single players.

The epic battles as well as foes cast totally complement the rocking soundtrack that can be heard.


The developer

React is the developer of this game. Over the years, they have made a name for themselves in the world

of smartphones. This small team is based in Salt Lake City and has been able to handle so many projects

across all platforms. A war chest has been in the making and they have taken console development to a

whole new level with the super dungeon bros PS4 game.

When you look at the game the first time, you may get the castle crashers or Diablo impression. Here,

you can participate online as you control a total of four knights. Every hero comes with their own

personality. It also has the banter system developed by React!

The levels are procedurally generated and some levels have got simple puzzles. This is going to be one

awesome game once released.



Release Date: Q1 2016



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