Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (PS4)


Warhammer: End Times is a game developed by Fatshark. It was released for Microsoft Windows on

23rd October 2015 and is within the first person shooter, and action genres. The game mode is



About the game

Warhammer: end times- Vermintide is a shooter video game that is the first person that is published and

developed by Fatshark. This is a game which is set in a fantasy universe of Warhammer. It will be

released for Xbox and PS4 in 2016.

The game only has the multiplayer play mode and it has a structure which is very similar to Left 4 Dead

series by Valve. Its setting is in the end times and the players are able to team up with the other three

players so as to fight Skaven, a rodent kind of monstrous creature within the Ubersreik city. When every

match ends, the players get a chance to roll dice so as to determine the kind of weapons that they will


Its development started in the year 2013 within Fatshark after an agreement was reached with the

Games Workshop. Games Workshop was also able to collaborate so as to make sure that the game

remains as faithful as possible to Warhammer franchise. Warhammer: End Times is actually self-

published so as to maximize the creative freedom. This is a game labeled as best game at the Penny

Arcade Expo by PC gamer.

It got a lot of positive reviews when it was released. Many critics actually like the gameplay, the map

designs, the visuals, as well as the progression system. There are balancing issues and the technical

issues that emerged occasionally that were criticized. This is a game that was well supported by the free

and paid downloadable content and it actually sold some 300,000 copies in a span of one month.


The gameplay

In Warhammer: End Times, the players are given the chance to choose different kinds of heroes and

they are Bright Wizard, Waywatcher, Dwarf Ranger, Empire Soldier, and Witch Hunter. These mentioned

heroes have their own set of skills. Some of them prove to be very efficient in the performance of

ranged attacks like the use of arrows and firearms or even the casting of magic. Yet others are more

capable with the use of melee weapons such as swords. When an evil ends, the players get loots like

weapons and trinkets.

The players also get the chance to gain more experience and get points so as to be able to unlock even

more weapons. To increase the weapons, they also roll dice. The rolls determine the gadgets that will be

offered. The different characters get different loots. When the level is done with great difficulty, the

players receive greater loot.


The design

Warhammer: End Times has a design that is so much similar to the Left 4 Dead one. In the game, the

players face different kinds of Skaven. The types that are most common can be killed quite easily but

this usually comes with a large number so as to overwhelm the players.

Warhammer: End Times is full of thrill and it will be a great welcome to PS4.





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