Grave for PS4

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There is a good number of the world’s population that just loves being scared. There are different things that scare us and at times, the things that frighten us actually end up enthralling us. Grave is the new horror game that is from the Broken Window Studio which is bound to terrify you and you may actually find yourself jumping from your seat.

Grave is a very procedural kind of game that is an open world game which is all about survival. It is a fusion between the classical survival and modern horror gameplay elements. This means that the game features a psychological horror story which is pretty modern but it will still keep touch with the classical horror gameplay that is found in different games such as silent hill and resident evil.


The game play

In the game, you, the player, are killed during a home invasion. You are then cast in an alternate reality where the world changes and morphs all around you. There are strange creatures that lurk during the night and this threatens safety. Your only chance of escaping is to pursue the killer, that man who made you end up in the wasteland. The only tool for your survival is light and it is the only kind of protection from all the dangers that you are likely to face.

In this game, you can explore the dynamic and procedural desert which is inspired by the Wild West landscape as it was in America as you start the exploration of the unusual narrative of the game. It fuses unreality and reality in an amazing way. The locations also fluctuate from existence as you continue the gameplay. When nightfall’s, you face some threatening creatures which stalk you until the dawn comes.

This is a game that can be played just as the player wants to. You can set up some fortifications to offer you some sort of defense so as to be able to survive the entire night.

You can also arm yourself using some offensive weapons that can help in keeping all the creatures away. This is a game that is able to weave a tackle that is truly un-predictable and it keeps you fully within its grasp. There are populated enemies, items and even worlds that you will face during the gameplay.


Features of Grave

This is a game which features a surreal gameplay, which will challenge the perceptions that you may have with the worlds that change dynamically with the unnatural imagery and fantastical creations. It offers a very unique gameplay in the day and in the night. When night falls, you will feel fear and then get some hope when the day breaks.

The developing team did an amazing job with this game and they had a Kickstarter in the April of 2014 and the experience was totally rewarding. This game has a direction that has a very unique approach to surviving horror takes good shape. It is an amazing thing that PS4 players can now enjoy the game.






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