Star Wars Racer Revenge game for PS4

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Star Wars Racer Revenge is a game which is developed by Rainbow Studios. It is in the racing genre and it comes in two modes: multiplayer and single player. This game is actually a sequel to the Racer episode of Star Wars. Its a story that happens some 8 years after phantom menace. In the game, Sebulba wants to get revenge on Anakin Skywalher. If a player crashes their pod, then he is unable to continue with the race unlike the predecessor.


The game modes

Single play: this is an option which gives the player the chance to race in one of the three available ways: the time trial, the practice or single event.

The single event allows the player to race in any track which is unlocked. They also get the chance to make a section between 1 and 25 laps.

When a player chooses practice, he can know just how many pods that he can handle from 1 to 8. Time trial is a player against the clock so as to end up with the lap time that is his best. Vs. Race is where the payer race with other players in the tracks that have been unlocked.

Tournament: this mode allows a player to race up to 13 race tracks. He has the chance to get first and destroy as many of the rival pods as they possibly can. Every race has total prize when you get first.

There are also the Wattos Bribes which also multiply the winnings in a given percentage and this may be based on the pods that you have managed to destroy along the way. Every race has its own number of kills and this is usually set to 2 or three. These have to be completed so as to max out the pod’s stats of the player.

There are different playable characters within the game which makes it even more interesting.


The reception of the game

After its release, the game has been receiving lots of positive reviews from the players and it is bound to be an amazing time when PS4 version is released. The game rankings gave this game a 75.62% score while Metacritic game gave it 73 percent.

Star Wars Racer Revenge is just incredible. It is totally thrilling to beat some tournaments and it gives you the urge to play even more. There are those who consider the game to be too easy, but progress actually brings more fun into the game. So as to make all things equal, there is a need to make sure that you play with all racers.

It also has some more secret characters that are quite hard to get. They include Sebulba in the first place. You will have to get first place in all the races so as to get a regular Sebulba career.

Anakin is yet another character not so easy to get. You need to beat best lap time for very race so as to get it. At first, the races may seem so simple, but the two races that close are actually so impossible to win.

For the Wattos character, you will have to beat the very best 3 lap race time for every track. This game is definitely lots of fun.



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