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Star Wars Battlefront will give you a chance to immerse and experience fantasies of the Star Wars battles. It will allow you to choose sides in battle according to your own preferences, be it the Galactic Empire forces or the Rebel Alliance. If you desire, you can easily play as a Darth Vader himself, possibly leading your team to victory.

In terms of features it is somewhat unique. In Battlefront, there is no campaign; instead we have crafted missions which can be played either individually or cooperatively. In battle, you are presented with a broad range of modes along with a wide variety of caps. A perspective in which the game is played also varies depending on your preference for first- or third-person based game. Besides, while engaging in epic battles you are also able to customize your characters and their abilities as well as weapons and gear. You can pilot a diverse range of ground- and air-based vehicles while exploring impressively and accurately recreated iconic classic planets. No doubt Star Wars Battlefront is something entirely new and exciting as the experience this game offers is incredibly authentic and immersive.

Price: 29,99USD

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