PlayStaytion Vita is a handheld games console. Its predecessor is PlayStation Portable. This console was released in 2012 and has such technical characteristics as a touch-screen, Wi-Fi and 3G functionality, as well as two 0.3 MP front and rear cameras. Also, it has two analogue sticks for more convenient game control.

Vita has PlayStationTv functions, which allow using TV for playing PS Vita games. There are almost nine hundred different games created for this console, and over eight million of these consoles have already been sold. With this console you will also be able to play almost all games of its predecessor PSP console. PS Vita can also be connected to PS 3 and PS 4 consoles and serve as a second monitor for playing games of these consoles. If Vita is connected to PS 4, there is a possibility to play PS 4 games with PS Vita in remote manner.